our sister's tattoo

aaminah lost her best friend, ex-husband, son's father, and compaƱero. in memory of him and in love for aaminah we are fundraising for her to get a tattoo in honor of his life. so that she can hold him close to her heart, always.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i love aaminah and eric's story. it is a story that we dont often get to hear. a story of discovering who you are piece by piece and learning to reclaim your heritage in the face of a world that tells you to ignore who and where you come from.
when aaminah said she wanted to get a tattoo to memoralize eric, i knew that i wanted to help her get this tattoo. but she can't afford it on her own. and i can't afford it on my own. and so i am asking all of you to donate what you can for this ink and flesh memorial.
sometimes, life is really complicated. death is complicated. but a tattoo close to aaminah's heart of her fallen companero is really simple.

please donate what you can.

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